Teachers App

Teachers App

Yet another innovation from the YOU Foundation is SINIDI – the Teachers App.
An application to train teachers in Africa on how to instruct at a top-quality level.  With the Teachers App, educators in Africa are able to participate in on and offline training courses.  The app not only offers high quality training opportunities but also provides self-confidence to teachers in their classrooms and provides tips on how to motivate students and improve their concentration.

This innovative project came to be as a result of a YOU Foundation school project in Sierra Leone where teachers requested such a tool.  Teachers and principals were trained using a high-quality curriculum and as a result experienced tremendous professional growth.  They became important contact persons in the community and earned respect from families.  Of course, the teachers were very proud to see their students learning and were happy that they were doing their part in preparing the children for the right of equal chances.

A participatory approach from Africa and for Africa with incredible opportunities to upscale.

The development of the app is currently in the test phase and much of the video content needs to be re-worked and adapted to ensure that this tool is as all encompassing as possible and can effectively be put to use in Sierra Leone.

Our thanks to ZF and their employees for the chance to realize this project.

An example of a “how to do something incorrectly” situation.

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