YES Center India – one of many success stories

YES Center India – one of many success stories

Supraja, a young woman from Hospet, India, attended the local English middle school. Instruction did not occur regularly and therefore she missed out on much learning. As a result, she did not pass her exams..

She felt ashamed towards her fellow students and her parents. At first, she did not tell them that she failed her final exams. All her friends were able to continue their learning at high school. Supraja was forced to admit that she had not passed her exams. The disappointment was enormous because her parents placed their hopes in their daughter and paid significant sums of money for her to attend school. Supraja stayed home and became depressed.

Then, through a coincidence, Supraja’s mother discovered the fashion design course at the YES Center in Hospet. She suggested to her daughter that she should attend the course to help her deal with her depression. She even insisted because at first Supraja did not wish to attend.

Supraja registered for the class because she realized that she needed to get her life back on track. At first, she spoke to no one and only over time and thanks to her studies, she was able to change. Contests, picknicks and fashion shows helped her overcome her depression and start a new life. After a while, she even decided that instead of continuing her studies she would like to open her own store. The young woman sought out the counsel of the Director of the YES Center and he offered to help her set up a small alterations store in the city. Her family was also a source of much support.

After a year, Supraja is now earning her own money. But what makes her even happier than her heard earned money is that she has become successful despite her earlier challenges in school. In her store, she now employees three individuals. .

The new training courses at the YES Center helped Supraja develop a new perspective. Today she says: “The YES Center is my second home; it helped me learn that after a fall you can stand up and still realize your dreams.”

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